Australia’s Most Popular Mattress in a Box Reviews

Mattress in a box review

The Mattress in a Box is changing the way Australian’s sleep for the better, and the internet is buzzing with mattress in a box reviews. This new bedding product is essentially a full size mattress (even a king), that is shipped and delivered to your door in a box. There are quite a few benefits of upgrading to a mattress in a box which we will detail below.

The Trial Period

Most Mattress in a Box products on the Australian market today come standard with an at home sleep-on-it trial period, a set period of time in which the seller guarantees that if you are not happy with your purchase after sleeping on it, you can get a full refund and have the mattress removed which some might argue is a legislated right under ACL. Nevertheless such trial periods have been a hit with the Australian public, leading to greatly increased sales among the major mattress brands. Some Mattress in a Box retailers will even donate the rejected mattress to charity and still provide a full refund!

The Experience

After researching the leading boxed mattresses, I’ve found that the vast majority of retailers claim to be the “best on the market” or “most popular” with very little to back that up, so user reviews will come in handy when looking to purchase one of these. But generally, it comes down to a few things –

  1. Firmness factor – whether you like it hard or soft
  2. Foam layers – The amount of foam included, or lack thereof .
  3. Special Features – Hypoallergenic? Antibacterial? Lumbar Supporting?

Video Reviews

Here at Mattress Sense, I try to make sense of mattresses and the sleep industry as a whole. What better way to do this than with video reviews. I’ve put together a few video resources that should help you make a more informed decision when looking to purchase a boxed mattress.

Top 5 Mattress in a Box options in 2018

Includes all the big names, Ecosa, Hugo Sleep and other mattress in a box retailers.

Top Online Mattress in a Box Suppliers

These are the best places online to find great deals on boxed mattresses.

Eva Mattress

Eva is leader in boxed mattresses and is one of Australia’s favourite sellers.




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